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Active Start / FUNdamentals


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FUNdamentals is a follow-up to the Active Start program and includes more sport specific related skills that will contribute to future sport participation. This program is for children 7-12 years of age and is also a 12 week program that includes an introduction for children to the importance of nutrition, and provides them with sport-specific activities aimed at improving basic motor and sport skills.  

Active Start:

This program has not started yet. 

Active Start

Active Start is a 12 week program for children aged 2-6. The Active Start Program relies on the rationale that if children with intellectual disabilities are provided early instruction in the areas of basic motor skills and developmentally appropriate play, that there is an excellent opportunity for improvement in physical, social and cognitive abilities. By participating in weekly activities that focus on the basic motor skills of manipulation, transport, and balance, children will then gain perspective on their development skills.