Special Olympics Brockville and Area is currently offering 9 sport programs throughout the year. The programs are designed to provide athletes with the increased skill and fitness level which result from regular physical activity which leads to competition at levels including local, regional, provincial, national, and even world games. All of our athletes benefit from the social interaction with their teammates and many find that their self-confidence is improved as a result of their achievements both in practice and in competition.

To view our programs select one of the programs on the left of this page and obtain information concerning it. For more information about any program, please contact the coach of the program, or contact someone on the Brockville and Area Community Council.

Many of our programs are structured to provide two levels of training. Athletes of all ability levels are welcomed into the programs to receive the appropriate level of training and coaching. Please note that athletes who require one-on-one support must be accompanied by a member of their support network. Coaching involves working with small groups of athletes usually with a 1:4 ratio.(coach:athlete).

Some important notes:

  • Currently the registration fee for access to all 9 programs is $25.00 per year. There is an additional fee for 10 pin bowling which is used to cover the significantly greater costs for provision of this program.
  • Please note that not all sports provide the equipment necessary to participate. Please confirm with the Head Coach of the program if personal equipment is required before attending the first practice.
  • Every effort is made to ensure that all athletes can participate in their chosen sport(s), however there may be times when we are unable, as there is a numbers limit, to accept new registrations in a particular sport.
  • Athletes or caregivers should contact the coach of the program to verify that there is space in the program.