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Special Olympics Ontario – Brockville and Area Community Council Contacts

Please feel free to contact the Brockville and Area Community Council via any of the following methods: 

Special Olympics Ontario - Brockville and Area
76 Orchard Street
Brockville, Ontario
K6V 2J8


(613) 342-3961


Please choose one of the following appropriate e-mail addresses:

Community Coordinator
Lynda Cavanagh
(613) 342-3961

Lyla Mallory
(613) 342-1188

Richard Ferguson
(613) 924-1353
email Treasurer

Public Relations Coordinators
Bill and Helen Ewing

Teena Walker
(613) 213-4777

Volunteer Coordinator
Terry Dawson
(613) 923-2655

Fundraising Coordinator
Tina Barclay
(613) 342-4333

Sports Technical Coordinator
Paul McNamee
(613) 213-4777
Sports Tech

Parent/Guardian Representative
Judy Brooks
(613) 926-0874
email Parent/Guardian Rep

Member at Large
Margaret Grant
(613) 923-1669

Member at Large
Penney Place
(613) 803-6763
Penney Member at Large

Member at Large
Chrys Pavlides
(613) 345-5251

Member at Large
Dave Cavanagh
(613) 342-3961

Female Athletes Representative
Bree Christie

Male Athletes Representative
Chris Fleming

District Developer - East District
Stacey McKeown